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What are fans so mad about in Mass Effect 3?

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012


There has been a firestorm brewing lately and it deals with Bioware's latest gaming release Mass Effect 3. A lot of gamers have been complaining that the endings in this game are not "suitable" for what they were expecting by playing the game.

The gamers where hoping for better endings than the ones the game has which from what I have heard there is only three. I personally have not played Mass Effect 3 or any of the other ones but I have been intrigued by its promises of whatever choice you make it will continue throughout the game. They even kept that up with the saved character from the first and second game can be loaded in to the other sequels. That in itself was new.

Mass Effect 3
The game that crashed fanboys views of game endings FOREVER.

I don't see what the problem is with the endings offered but what I understand is that the gamers who invested HEAVILY into this franchise expected more than 3 endings and some that deal specifically with the choices they made from the other games. Not only that, but having the choice of getting a good ending. Some felt disappointed that Shepard (the main character) was not given proper treatment and given a "GOOD ENDING." Even when I play games I do expect a gratifying ending for all the effort I put into it.

One gamer was so mad he did an FTC complaint against the game! The article is here. The gamer was so mad at the game that he has considered legal action. That is one big complaint! Even has been taking in games for refunds now due to this complaint. That is some pretty heavy damage.

Now I don't believe that the game really had any real intention to promise what Mass Effect fans were expecting. The gamers do have every right to complain though if they didn't get the product they expected! I am not sure what will be the next steps Bioware will take after this but one thing that is for sure the fans are not going away that easily to address their legitimate concerns on a gaming franchise they love. Easily put, Bioware IT'S TIME TO GET SERIOUS.

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